TEDxGloCha event: Pathways Towards a Good Life and Future Proof Communities in Times of Climate Emergency, 10 October 2020 in the context of TED Countdown campaign launch


10 October 2020

15.00 – 16.30h – TEDxGloCha Countdown Presentations Session

17.00 – 19.00 TED Countdown Global Launch watchparty

19.00 – 22h TEDxGloCha Green Drinks Sessions


Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Neuer Platz 10/I (joint office: SKS – AACC – IAAI) &

Streaming platforms: Streamyard (Youtube, facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ..) & zoom

Registration: https://forms.gle/DCzdmNnxC7syN92v6

About the event:

We are living in turbulent times. On the one hand the COVID19 pandemic has shaken our societies and economies and scientists predict that the potential of climate change to disrupt our societal and economic structures is even bigger. On the other hand new thinking and digital innovation enable new forms of local and global cooperation for the public good in times of uncertain futures.

One such story of new thinking and digital-innovation empowered global multi-stakeholder collaboration, is the initiative GloCha, with GloCha standing for Global Challenges as the common denominator of all human beings and future generations being bound together in a community of destiny that is on its way towards more sustainable, just and future proof societal organization with culture, technology and organization, initiated by the United Nations accredited civil society organization IAAI, based in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in Austria.

TEDxGloCha is using the momentum of the global launch of the TED Countdown initiative for mass mobilization for climate action (https://countdown.ted.com) to present – in line with the TED slogan: “Ideas worth Spreading” – GloCha as the new transformative and inspiring story and collaboration framework, that is going to empower citizens, youth and communities to take meaningful and rewarding climate action, achieving climate neutral lifestyles (= a #GoodLife) and thus giving hope for the future.

Taking place exactly 100 years after the referendum on the future of Carinthia https://carinthija2020.ktn.gv.at/EN TEDxGloCha is going to demonstrate its solutions for the creation of digital local and thematic communities in Kärnten/Koroška/Carinthia and its blockchain technology based resource mobilization mechanism “Cryptostamps” as pathways and tools towards civic engagement and future proof societies based on new ethical standards for civic engagement and climate neutral lifestyles (= #GloCha #GoodLife).


15.00 – 16.30h – TEDxGloCha Countdown Presentations Session

Music performance 

Welcome interview of the moderators with event organizer and partners

Part 1 – The State of the World (3 keynote presentations)

  • Youth voices on the state of the world – Rebecca Hardenbrook & Ali Mustafa (Generation Next youth network)
  • Lučka Kajfež Bogataj – planet under pressure: state of the world: scientific perspective
  • John Crowley, UNESCO Management of Social Transformations Programme – What is a good life and what is a good community in times of climate emergency?

Part 2 – Action Potentials for the Climate Emergency in Kärnten/Koroška/Carinthia and Alps Adriatic Neighbourhood

  • Keynote presentation: Hanzi Tomažič: 2020: A good Time to re-think thinking and social structures in Kärnten/Koroška/Carinthia
  • What are we as Carinthians able and willing to contribute to the global response to the climate emergency? Activating and empowering civil society and youth – Sabrina Schifrer & Zukunftsfest 2013 video screening
  • Innovation leader from Kärnten/Koroška/Carinthia

Part 3 – GloCha: Pathways and digital tools towards a #GoodLife and future proof communities

  • Alexey Shadrin – Blockchain Technology, Digital Collectibles/Cryptostamps and digital finance
  • Miroslav Polzer – GloCha What? The Next Big Thing in Climate Action Empowerment Made in Kärnten/Koroška/Carinthia
  • Presentation of GloCha cryptostamps plans
    • GloCha Carbon Footprint Compensation Cryptostamp 2020 &
    • Kärnten/Koroška GloCha digital community cryptostamp
    • Distribution of free cryptostamps to TEDxGloCha Countdown event participants
  • Invitation to TED Countdown Watch Party at 5 PM and Green Drinks sessions at 7 PM

17.00 – 19.00 TED Countdown Global Launch watchparty

(on zoom platform)

GloCha Green Drinks Sessions

(on zoom platform)

For a warm-up each speaker will be asked to say 3 words that come to their mind when thinking of the future, we will ask people what kind of music they would like to hear and try to find and play it during the informal session, while networking and developing action plans

7 PM Slovenian

exploring option to create digital thematic community of Carinthian Slovenes on GloCha platform for the promotion of future competencies of members of the ethnic community and resource mobilization

8 PM German

Exploring options for setting up a digital local community Kärnten/Koroška/Carinthia for the advancement of sustainable, multi-linguistic and open minded society through technology enhanced civic engagement and digital finance

9 PM English

Youth climate action empowerment digital thematic community

Registration: https://forms.gle/DCzdmNnxC7syN92v6

Daring Cities 2020 Side Event: With blockchain technology and digital innovation towards climate neutral cities and citizens

Created by ICLEI and the Federal City of Bonn, Daring Cities is a virtual, action-oriented forum to recognize and empower courageous urban leaders – including mayors and other decision-makers, technical staff, researchers, private sector representatives, and community organizers – to disrupt business-as-usual and shift towards business-as-possible. Daring Cities showcases and catalyzes exemplary local climate action to tackle the climate emergency, including ambitious resilience-building and climate mitigation efforts.

IAAI GloCha Side event to the Daring Cities Forum 2020: With blockchain technology and digital innovation towards climate neutral cities and citizens

Date: Thursday, 22 October
Time: 6:00-7:30 PM (Paris/Bonn time)


Event description and outcomes

The science is clear: we are in a climate crisis and a swift and deep transformation to low and zero carbon societies is urgently needed – a transition that has for cities many co-benefits in terms of resilience, quality of life, health, cohesion etc. To achieve the goal of climate neutrality, many cities have declared climate neutrality goals, but too often such goals don’t translate into political support and action of all relevant stakeholders and impact on the necessary scale. With this digital innovation workshop, the organizers – IAAI GloCha www.glocha.info in cooperation with the Climate Chain Coalition www.climatechaincoalition.io, the leading global expert network on blockchain technology for climate action – convey the message that blockchain technology and digital innovation can be key enablers of programs towards climate neutral cities with fully engaged citizens (background info: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/index.php?page=view&type=20000&nr=7095&menu=2993). Speakers will showcase digital innovation tools in the fields of data collection, citizen science, resource mobilization (digital municipal bonds) and gamification.

Based on the interactive discussion in the workshop we plan to outline a cooperation strategy between IAAI GloCha, the Climate Chain Coalition, ICLEI, daring cities and other climate action innovation champions (like youth networks) with concrete pilot projects and resource mobilization plans.

Run of show

Welcome by Miroslav Polzer IAAI GloCha, Yunus Arikan ICLEI and Tom Baumann (Climate Chain Coalition – CCC) & Martin Wainstein (Yale Open Innovation Lab): 10 minutes

Thematic introduction to the side event topic: Vienna Looi – New Thinking and digital innovation for climate neutral citizens and cities (with a focus on the role of finance & blockchain tech)(10 minutes)

Presentation of an opportunity for side event organizers and cities to collaborate on a solutions package: David Greniman, MD International – European Green Deal Call – (Developing end-user products and services for all stakeholders and citizens supporting climate adaptation and mitigation)  

Solution 1: Miroslav Polzer (IAAI GloCha) – GloCha Good Life app – Pathways towards climate neutral citizens and cities

Solution 2: Alexey Shadrin, Evercity.io & CCC – Digital Municipal Green Bonds

Solution 3: Martin Wainstein (Yale Open Innovation Lab – Open Climate Collabathon)  – Integrated Climate Action Tracking and Accounting on Individual, Local and Global level – Gaps and opportunities

Yunus Arikan – Connecting the dots – Cooperation potentials from ICLEI perspective

Interactive session


Climate Week New York Webinar: Blockchain Technology and Digital Finance for Climate Action Empowerment, 24 Sept 2020



GloCha Global Challenges Foundation New York – www.glocha.org

Climate Chain Coalition – www.climatechaincoalition.io

Evercity – https://evercity.io/

INATBA – International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications https://inatba.org/

IAAI Klagenfurt – www.glocha.info

Event Theme and Aims:

The global climate emergency requires new thinking, new tools and new arrangements for multi-stakeholder cooperation on the international as well as on the local level that will empower all of society to become engaged in climate action in a meaningful and rewarding manner. Blockchain technology and digital finance are key enablers of climate action tracking, accounting, coordination and incentivization and are therefore the theme of this virtual event in the context of the Climate Week NYC 2020, which aims to

  1. present the Climate Chain Coalition www.climatechaincoalition.io, the Climate ActionWorking Group of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA, https://inatba.org/) and the Digital Innovation Community in the context of the UNFCCC process (https://unfccc-cop25.streamworld.de/webcast/iaai-briefing-digital-innovation-community) as some of the leading multi-stakeholder networks in this field
  2. provide insights on trends and recent developments in the field of blockchain technology and digital finance for climate action
  3. present concrete digital finance tools and citizens’/youth climate action empowerment solutions, developed by the event organizers and their partners, like digital green bonds/digital SDG bonds & the digital SDG finance bulletin (Evercity.io, CCC digital finance team) and individual climate action dashboard platform and app, including digital badges/cryptostamps and a global citizen’s climate action registry (GloCha, CCC EU and D2I2 team leader)
  4. provide a showcase for other global leaders in digital finance and blockchain for climate action empowerment to present their work and solutions
  5. provide an open space for networking of solution providers, technology users, researchers and civil society


Moderator: Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, Cointelegraph

I – Welcome

II – Thematic Introduction blockchain technology and digital finance for climate action

Marianne Haahr, Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance (video message)

Simon Zadek, Head, Secretariat, Secretary General’s Task Force on Digital Financing of the SDGs, Executive Office of the Administrator United Nations Development Programme

Monique BachnerCo-Chair, Governance Working Group INATBA Blockchain and digital finance for climate: governance issues & the role of INATBA

III – Blockchain and digital finance tools for climate neutral cities and citizens

(presentation of solutions, developed by the event organizers and their partners)

Alexey Shadrin, (Evercity.io, CCC digital finance team leader), digital green bonds/digital SDG bonds

Miroslav Polzer, (GloCha, IAAI, CCC EU & D2I2 team leader, INATBA CA WG D2I2 subgroup leader), individual climate action dashboard, digital badges/cryptostamps & global citizens’ climate action registry for citizens’/youth climate action empowerment (presentation)

Jo Bronckers, FIBREE, INATBA Real Estate WG – Unique Object Identification (video),

Yunus Arikan – pilot project implementation partner ICLEI https://iclei.org/ and announcement of the CCC – GloCha – ICLEI side event to the Daring Cities conference on 22 October

IV – Other climate finance and digital innovation for climate action empowerment leaders

Martin Wainstein, Yale Open Innovation Lab – Open Climate Collabathon & Hyperledger Climate Action & Accounting (CA2) Special Interest Group (SIG)

Andrew Eil – Focal Point – Climate Investment Platform &Climate Finance Specialist Sub-Team: Energy, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Xiaochen Zhang, Fintech4Good

Raymond van Ermen, European Partners for the Environment

Pierre Telep, African Development Bank

Elliot Chun, Emergents @Weild & Co.

Joseph Pallant, founder, Blockchain for Climate Foundation

Vienna Looi, winner of the UN Reboot the Earth Hackathon, COALA.global, Stanford Zero Degree Project, Economic Space Agency, GloCha Digital Innovation Advisor