#UN75 All Of Society Digital Cooperation for Global Goals & Climate Action Webinar

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On 26th of June 1945 – exactly 75 years ago – representatives of national governments signed the UN Charter. The world has changed significantly since then. The nature of global challenges has changed and people all over the world more than ever before feel united in a community of destiny challenged i.a. by the climate change crisis and the health crisis caused by COVID19.

The organizers of the “#AllOfSociety #DigitalCooperation for #GlobalGoals” webinar want to use the momentum of the #UN75 celebration and the recent presentation of the “Roadmap for Digital Cooperation” and the “UN Data Strategy for Action by Everyone, Everywhere” by the UN Secretary General to envision new – digitally empowered futures for the United Nations system in which all of society and especially youth and local communities will be engaged in a meaningful and rewarding manner.

For this future oriented discussion, we have organized this webinar to create a virtual forum to collaboratively reflect on the current operating system of global community and to explore new avenues for the enhanced mobilization of action and resources of non-state actors for better delivery of public good on local and global level, guided by the Sustainable Development Goals/Agenda2030.

  • Welcome
  • Jovan Kurbalija, Diplo Foundation Geneva – Keynote 1 (10 minutes): Multistakeholder Governance Innovation – Lessons Learned from the Internet Governance Forum
  • Vienna Looi, UN RebootTheEarth winner, eco, COALA.global, Stanford CodeX/Zero Degree Project, Economic Space AgencyKeynote 2 – Envisioning a digitally empowered economic system for a sustainable world
  • John Crowley – UNESCO MOST – Keynote 3: Global Public Sector Innovation empowered by Digital Innovation
  • Yu Ping Chan, Senior Programme Officer, Office of the Under-Secretary General and Special Advisor on Preparations for the 75th UN Anniversary & the High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation

Cultural element – Music intervention by Yinka Lamboginny Lawanson

Envisioning a People’s COP – Innovation and Collaboration Towards Multistakeholder Climate Action Mobilization



Youth/Fridays for Future, people on the street demand effective global climate action. We see a paradigm shift  in global climate action collaboration with national governments now welcoming non-state actors’ climate action in the UNFCCC process/Paris Agreement. Disruptive COVID19 circumstances and postponed government focused COP26 gives us a chance to reimagine the way we organize global climate talks and explore new avenues for coordination and incentivization of multistakeholder climate action. New technologies (e.g. blockchain) enable the global community to deploy new solutions for meaningful and rewarding engagement of all societal stakeholders. 

We need ambitious climate action now! Let’s be creative – let’s collaborate! #RaceToZero #ActionNow


6:00 – 6:05   Welcome message by the organizers

6:05 – 6:10   –  Angel HsuData Driven Labs (Yale-NUS) – Context I: Status quo of global non-state actors’ climate action

6:10 – 6.15   –   European Commission – Context II: European Climate Pact – EU’s non-state actors’ Engagement Innovation

6:15 – 7.00   Flash presentation of initiatives, ideas and plans by panelists: members of the Digital Innovation Community (DICO), Education, Communication & Outreach Stakeholders Community (ECOS), youth (YOUNGO) and local governments & municipal authorities (LGMA) constituencies in the context of the UNFCCC process

–     Miroslav Polzer, IAAIGloCha, Dig. Innov. Comm. (COP26 Digital Pavilion, Digital Pact, Music, Gamification)

–     Martin Wainstein, Yale Open Lab (Climate CollabathonClimate Action Tracking and Accounting)

–     Tom Baumann, Climate Chain CoalitionD2I2 Data & Digital Innovation Infrastructure

–     Anita Mujumdar, Evercity – CCC Finance team – Digital Finance

–     Mark McCaffrey, Education, Communication & Outreach Stakeholders Community #Learn4Climate

–     Marie Claire Graf, Swiss youth delegate to the UNFCCC process, YOUNGO focal point

–     Yunus Arikan, ICLEI – Local government and municipal authorities (LGMA) focal point

–     UN Climate Change or/and COP26 presidency reflections

7:00 -7:15    Facilitated discussion and interactive ideation with Q&A via text from audience

7:15 – 7:50   Open Climate Dialogue in break out rooms (speakers gather ideas and comments from the general audience)

7:50 – 8.00   Final announcements, summaries and next steps.

Link to the presentation of Miroslav Polzer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qgtj6W61GFqFxqhoyMiNg1b_lqegPDbB/view?usp=sharing

GloCha sponsored Generation Next Youth Network Launched at Very Successful International Youth Conference #IYC2020


IAAI GloCha has been partner of the International Youth Conference 2020 gnvoy.org/iyc/, organized by Generation Next – Voice of Youth initiative https://www.facebook.com/gnvoy/

The virtual conference has been an exceptional success with more than 1500 registered participants from more than 70 countries.

During the conference there has been launched the global Generation Next youth network which will facilitate the setting up of action oriented youth hubs around the world. IAAI GloCha pledged to support the network and especially the network’s youth climate action programs with knowledge, digital innovation solutions, our streamyard platform and resource mobilization (#GiveYouthAChance). UN system partners of the network are especially the UN Department for Global Communication’s Civil Society Unit and the UN Habitat Youth and Urban Economy Unit.


For IAAI it has been also a great experience to activley participate in the #IYC2020 Youth Climate Action Innovation session in which very knowledgeable and committed youth climate action leaders shared their dieas on how to inc rease the level of ambition and the effectiveness of local and global climate action (link to video on demand: https://youtu.be/Au69r1izY7k)


Youth & Digital Innovation #UN75 event at UN HQ NY February 2020

IAAI organized on 17th February 2020 an event at UN headquarters New York on the role of digital innovation for youth engagement in Agenda2030 implementation and climate action as a sidie event to the UN Commission on Social Development (https://teamup.com/ks7uof8wrazez633fh).
At the very well attended event, which has been also webbroadcasted, we have had a great keynote presentation of Vienna Looi from Malaysia, a video message of Fridays for Future New York climate activist Xiye Bastida, who is joining our IAAI GloCha team at the UN HQ NY as annual UN Grounds Pass holder in the context of the youth delegate program of UN Department for Global Communication. IAAI team members Ali Mustafa, Eileen Doohan and Miroslav Polzer presented GloCha initiatives like the UNFCCC digital innovation community, D2I2, ClimateHacks.org and Generation Next network and our cooperation partner and supporter Francisco Benedito from Climate Trade presented his plans to create systemic resource mobilization support for youth climate action with carbon credit offset mechanisms. UN system has been represented by Hawa Diallo, head of the civil society unit at UN DGC and Yu Ping Chan from the Office of the UN UNder Secretary General for the UN75 anniversary celebrations and digital cooperation high level panel follow-up
Video on demand:

Building the data and digital innovation infrastructure for the European Green Deal

(photo: https://twitter.com/PZilgalvis/status/1216650758453694467)

IAAI GloCha and Climate Chain Coalition team members visited 13th of January the European Commission DG CONNECT Blockchain and Digital Innovation Unit to discuss cooperation potentials towards the development of a global data and digital innovation infrastructure for climate action, building on the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure and other blockchain and digital innovation programs of the EU.

An important topic has been also the recent creation of the Climate Action Working group of INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications) https://inatba.org/ which is being led by the co-chair of the Climate Chain Coalition, Tom Baumann and in which Miroslav Polzer is leading the D2I2 (Data and Digital Innovation Infrastructure for multistakeholder climate action coordination and incentivization) sub-group.

14th of January 2020 the Climate Chain Coalition delegation, comprising Tom Baumann, Miroslav Polzer, Alexey Shadrin (Evercity.io), Jo Bronckman (FIBREE), Fran Benedito (Climate Trade) and Harald Rauter (Climate KIC) attended a Think Tank meeting on „Blockchain Technology for the European Green Deal and the SDGs“ at the premises of the European Economic and Social Committee, organized by European Partners for the Environment.

IMG 20200114 114036642

On 15th January D2I2 team members Jo Bronckers and Miroslav Polzer attended a European Blockchain Services Infrastrcuture (EBSI) self-sovereign identity use case stakeholder meeting, learning about the functioning and governance of EBSI.

Youth Climate Action Innovation @ COP25


IAAI GloCha continues to work with outstanding youth climate action leaders, YOUNGO, ECOS, Earth Day Network, UNFCCC Action for Climate Empowerment programme, Climate KIC Young Innovators Programme, ClimateHacks.org, Blue Planet Roundation and many other initiatives on youth empowerment for climate action with culture, technology and organizational innovation.

Watch the IAAI press conference on Youth Climate Action Innovation for more details: https://unfccc-cop25.streamworld.de/webcast/youth-climate-action-innovation

photo: https://unfccc.int/event/ace-capacity-building-for-youth

GloCha collaboration continues with strengthened Education, Communication and Outreach Stakehodlers Community

The Climate Change Education, Communication and Outreach Stakehodlers Community (ECOS), which has been co-founded by IAAI GloCha in November 2017 at COP26 has become an important network in global capacity building for climate action.

At the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in December 2019 in Madrid, IAAI strengthened its ties with ECOS with a joint ECOS & DICO reception on innovative non-state actors‘ engagement in climate action, generously sponsored by IAAI COP25 delegation member Henk Rogers (Blue PLanet Foundation).

Furthermore IAAI hosted the COP25 press conference of ECOS, which can be watched here: https://unfccc-cop25.streamworld.de/webcast/iaai-ecos-building-the-knowledge-base-for-global-c

Climate Action Digital Innovation Community Formed at COP25


IAAI GloCha in cooperation with the Climate Chain Coalition led the formation of the Climate Action Digital Innovation Community (DICO)at the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in December 2019 in Madrid to facilitate the networking, capacity building and cooperation within the UN climate action governance processes and programs (UNFCCC, Agenda2030, et al.). Digital innovation here is understood in its broadest terms, including general infromation and communication technology like mobile communication technology and earth observation, but especially also so called 4th industrial revolution/ emerging technologies like blockchain/DLT, Artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT). DICO evolved from the Climate Chain Coalition (CCC) www.climatechaincoalition.io with CCC members being starting points and important building blocks of DICO. DICO’s initial flagship initiative are (1) D2I2 – Innovation Infrastructure for People and Planet powered by Data and Digital Technology and (2) COP26 Digital Innovation pavilion. Focal points: Tom Baumann (CCC) & MIroslav Polzer (IAAI GloCha)

Coordination and networking among DICO members has been organized in daily morning meetings. On 10th of December one of these IAAI CCC DICO morning meetings has been devoted to the formation of a joint Climate Action Working Group by CCC and INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications) (see photo above)