Climate Action Digital Innovation Community Formed at COP25

IAAI GloCha in cooperation with the Climate Chain Coalition led the formation of the Climate Action Digital Innovation Community (DICO)at the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in December 2019 in Madrid to facilitate the networking, capacity building and cooperation within the UN climate action governance processes and programs (UNFCCC, Agenda2030, et al.). Digital innovation here is understood in its broadest terms, including general infromation and communication technology like mobile communication technology and earth observation, but especially also so called 4th industrial revolution/ emerging technologies like blockchain/DLT, Artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT). DICO evolved from the Climate Chain Coalition (CCC) with CCC members being starting points and important building blocks of DICO. DICO’s initial flagship initiative are (1) D2I2 – Innovation Infrastructure for People and Planet powered by Data and Digital Technology and (2) COP26 Digital Innovation pavilion. Focal points: Tom Baumann (CCC) & MIroslav Polzer (IAAI GloCha)

Coordination and networking among DICO members has been organized in daily morning meetings. On 10th of December one of these IAAI CCC DICO morning meetings has been devoted to the formation of a joint Climate Action Working Group by CCC and INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications) (see photo above)