International Youth Day 2020 GloCha Dialogue on Youth Empowerment for Climate Action


The theme of the United Nations‘ International Youth Day (IYD) 2020 is “Youth Engagement for Global Action” (link to more info:  As youth empowerment for climate action and sustainable development goals implementation is the main mission of GloCha  (, a global & local multi-stakeholder partnership, initiated by the Austria based UN accredited civil society organization IAAI, we are delighted to invite You to celebrate with us the IYD2020 with a special GloCha IYD2020 dialogue.

With the GloCha IYD2020 Dialogue we are convening global youth leaders, experts and GloCha partners:

  1. To collaboratively assess recent developments towards the formation of the GloCha led citizens and youth climate action empowerment consortium and the #PeoplesCOP movement in support of the #RaceToZero campaign and the #ActionForClimateEmpowerment programme,
  2. To present the GloCha crypto stamps (blockchain) based resource mobilization mechanism for global and local youth climate action empowerment (vision for the future: “crypto stamps based resource mobilization for youth/citizens climate action empowerment” as a service provided by GloCha to youth networks, cities, public authorities, campaigns, music initiatives, etc.)
  3. To Launch a call for applications for our GloCha “digital innovation for youth climate action” team, which is going to work on: (a) an individual climate action dashboard platform and app (facilitating formulation of smart goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) for youth climate action,  digital measurement, reporting, and verification), (b) (blockchain based) crypto stamps management (enabling participatory and transparent investments in local and global climate action and climate action empowerment), (c) digital community building and digital climate pact platform/ecosystem (city/local community level) (for social verification, crowd- evaluation and GloCha certification of citizens’ climate action and its outcomes) and (d) GloCha global registry for the global registration of certified elements of the individual climate action dashboard (e) organization of a workshop (to be held in Klagenfurt (Austria) and online) in November 2020 for presentation, improvement and integration of above mentioned digital solutions
  4. To pre-announce a „GloCha Good Life“ conference and Youth Climate Action Leadership Awards initiative for the development of ethical standards for „good“ lifestyles and civic engagement in times of climate emergency with UNESCO MOST (tbc.) (expected to be held on 10th of October 2020 in the context of the TED Countdown conference
  5. To present ongoing and planned GloCha music initiatives: Music4SDGs, Music4Peace, Global Challenges Youth Music Contest in support of Action for Climate Empowerment 2021, etc.

The GloCha IYD 2020 dialogue will be moderated by Ali Mustafa, founder of Generation Next – Voice of Youth and the GloCha sponsored International Youth Conference initiative. In the welcome session, Ali Mustafa will be joined by the Co-Founder of International Youth Conference Quratulain Tejani, who will explain about the outcomes of the International Youth Conference 2020.

The introductory presentation will be given by IAAI GloCha founder and CEO Miroslav Polzer, who will be joined by youth climate action leader Marie-Claire Graf, representatives of ECOS Community, GloCha team members and partners and members of the Climate Chain Coalition (the leading global network of experts in the field of digital innovation/blockchain for climate action).

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