Digital Innovation Community / Climate Chain Coalition @ COP26

For the Climate Chain Coalition the COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference has been a wonderful opportunity to present ourselves as the leading multi-stakeholder partnership in the field of #blockchain4climate.

IAAI GloCha is one of the co-founders of the Climate Chain Coalition and IAAI GloCha executive director Miroslav Polzer, who is also the strategic director of the CCC helped to organize an official CCC COP26 press conference and a session on Systemic Transformation with blockchain technology at the COP26 UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub

Video of the CCC COP26 press conference, held 9th of November 2021 (with Miroslav Polzer Denby McDonnell Alexey Shadrin Juan David Duran Hernandez Katherine Foster Tia Kansara Ph.D. Hon FRIBA Romi Sumaria Neil Cohn Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr)
Climate Chain Coalition presenting at the #COP26 #UNGlobalInnovationHub their visions and concrete solutions for systemic change for effective climate action, enabled by blockchain technology:

Welcome: Massamba Thioye
Moderator: Miroslav Polzer
Panelists: • Tia Kansara Ph.D. Hon FRIBA, Replenish Earth and Resilience Frontiers • Owen Hewlett, CTO, Gold Standard (focus on nextgen MRV system) • Neil Cohn, VP, Chia Network • Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, CointelegraphKatherine Foster, Open Earth Foundation & Social Alpha FoundationRomi Sumaria, The Oblique LifeDenby McDonnell Blockchain for Climate