Youth Climate Action Empowerment Innovation: The European Climate Pact and its Global Dimension (European Climate Pact Launch Satellite Event)

Presentation of social innovations, networks and digital tools for citizens’ engagement in climate neutrality goals implementation with a particular focus on youth climate action empowerment on local, European and global level in the context of the European Climate Pact, the Action for Climate Empowerment project ACEAT and the multi-stakeholder partnership GloCha.

When:              Friday 29th of January 2021, 15:00 to 17:00 h CET

Organiser:        IAAI International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges


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Event Info

Citizens‘ engagement is a key prerequisite for successful implementation of global, regional, national and local climate neutrality goals. The European Climate Pact (which has been launched in December 2020) is a ground-breaking public sector innovation that aims to create an ecosystem and engagement opportunities for citizens and other non-state actors to make individual climate action pledges and thus to contribute in an action and impact oriented manner their passion, knowledge as well as other resources to the climate neutrality goals of the European Green Deal.

Fascinated by the innovation leadership of the European Climate Pact and convinced of its huge potentials for inspiring innovative approaches for the empowerment of non-state actors’ climate action – and especially youth climate action empowerment – on a global level, Miroslav Polzer, one of the first-generation EU Climate Pact ambassadors, initiated this ECP launch satellite event to build bridges between the European Climate Pact and global youth/multi-stakeholder climate action empowerment efforts in the context of the United Nations system (especially the Action for Climate Empowerment project ACEAT, initiated, funded and coordinated by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action and with the UN Climate Change Secretariat as lead partner) and to connect digital innovation solution providers with the climate action community to develop concrete climate action apps & tools (reference: IAAI GloCha & Climate Chain Coalition ICLEI Daring Cities 2020 side event „With Blockchain Technology and Digital Innovation Towards Climate Neutral Cities and Citizens“ (see video:

Speakers and Topics:

Miroslav Polzer, IAAI GloCha, European Climate Pact ambassador – Welcome and Thematic introduction

European Commission, DG Clima, Presentation of the European Climate Pact and EC’s plans for digital tools (to be confirmed)

Talieh Wögerbauer, Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action – Presentation of the project ACEAT

Fleur Newman, UN CC secretariat – The United Nations and EU – Partners in Action for Climate Empowerment (invited)

Tom Baumann, ClimateCheck & Climate Chain Coalition – Digital innovation for climate action tracking

Alexey Shadrin, & Climate Chain Coalition, Digital finance for climate action empowerment (cryptostamps & digital green bonds)

Yunus Arikan, ICLEI – Outline of a city level digital climate pact pilot (in the context of ACEAT, to be confirmed)

Tim Damon, Climate Education, Communication and Outreach Stakeholders Community ECOS

Marie Claire Graf, YOUNGO – The European Climate Pact & global youth climate action empowerment needs (invited)

Badin Borde, Siemens Stiftung

Miroslav Polzer – Presentation of the digital innovation for ACE action research initiative ACEATresearch in the context of the Austrian Climate Research Programme next steps regarding ACEAT pilot initiatives & engagement opportunities


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