About GloCha

Welcome to GloCha – the Global Citizen Empowerment System

GloCha In A Nutshell

GloCha is a multi-stakeholder partnership for individuals, institutions and UN agencies to collaborate together to act on global challenges.  GloCha creates opportunities for youth, social entrepreneurs and local communities to collaborate for a safe climate and just society.  GloCha initiates events, and convenes conferences in support of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs), leveraging collaborations and technologies like apps and blockchain to improve outcomes.
GloCha’s three pillars are culture, technology, and organizational innovation. GloCha cultivates improved solutions to global challenges as a UN accredited NGO partner (ECOSOC and UNFCCC) with sister organization, IAAI (International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges).
GloCha is formed as a 501(c)(3). 

Our GloCha Theory of Change – Social and Technological Innovation to Enhance Global Cooperation

As we see global temperatures rising and planet earth’s natural resources dwindling it gets clear to everybody: the world needs deep systemic innovation – a combination of social/institutional and technological innovation – to master the growing global challenges of today and tomorrow.

The national governments of the world have elaborated in the context of the United Nations system an excellent global goals system – the Agenda2030 with the 17 sustainable development goals. But on global goals – like SDG13 Climate Action – the existing structures are not delivering results. It seems like world leaders have a good compass and a good idea of where we are aiming at, but there is no vessel/boat to get global community there.

GloCha – Harnessing the Power of the Global Citizen

We believe in the power of the global citizen – and especially the creativity, passion, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of youth – to tackle the global climate change crisis and to build a better world.

The aim of GloCha is to create the foundations for some kind of next generation United Nations system – a new bold collaborative effort for the global and local common good in which everybody is engaged and in which everybody feels to have ownership. The point of crystalization – the nucleus – of this new global cooperation and global resource management mechanism is GloCha – the multistakeholder partnership (as an implementation of the target 17.16 of the Agenda2030 SDG 17)

Sustainable Development Goal 17 – Target 17.16 

Enhance the global partnership for sustainable development, complemented by multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources, to support the achievement of the sustainable development goals in all countries, in particular developing countries“ 

source: Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The main institutional characteristics of GloCha are:

  1. It is a multistakeholder partnership which includes UN organizations (for the time being UNESCO Management of Social Transformations Programme (link to video of our cooperation partner John Crowley), UN Habitat – Youth and Urban Economy branch (link to video of our cooperation partner Doug Ragan), and UNIDO – Productive work for youth program, link to video of joint event on social entrepreneurship and blockchain at UN HQ in January this year), national authorities (e.g. the National Youth authority of Ghana, video), youth organizations (CliMates, Global Youth Development Institute, Plant for the Planet, ..), cities, corporations, foundations and individuals
  2. This multistakeholder partnership has set up the GloCha Global Challenges Foundation New York Inc. as its secretariat. GloCha Fdt NY has the IRS 501c3 tax exempt public charity status and can thus receive tax deductible donations in the US. All partners have equal decision making power, IAAI/founding members have no special status except that it has a guaranteed right to participate on the board of directors (link to draft bylaws, work in progress). The GloCha Ftd NY acts as the resource mobilization and program implementation arm of the GloCha partnership. According to its certificate of incorporation its purpose is the „mobilization and sharing of knowledge, expertise, technology, physical space and financial resources for youth focussed and gender equality based achievement of peace, sustainable development goals and climate change action in all countries of the world and especially in least developed countries and territories.“
  3. The institutional and technical infrastructure of GloCha shall be administered everywhere possible based on global commons principles, meaning that all GloCha partners are co-owners of the GloCha assets and are managing these assets with a responsible mindset of managing resources on behalf of all humanity as well as for future generations

graph: backside of IAAI GloCha business cards

GloCha systemic innovation elements towards a next generation United Nations system (link to a recent presentation about GloCha)

  1. Technical innovation: A blockchain based information system and transaction platform (some kind of „Amazon or Alibaba for SDGs impact“) for the documentation (localization, measurement, reporting, verification) and incentivization (trading of certified SDGs impact and gamification) of multistakeholder action for sustainable development goals and in particular climate action/SDG13
  2. global institutional innovation (GloCha partnership and GloCha Fdt NY, see above)
  3. local institutional innovation (GloCha Global Challenges in every city and local community, a physical (co-working) space where (young) people get access to internet, to knowledge, best available technology and funding for local (social) entrepreneurial action that contributes to Agenda2030/SDGs
  4. business model innovation: Agenda2030 social entrepreneurship & sustainable energy entrepreneurship/climate entrepreneurship that connect local microaction with certified SDGs impact with global financial resources like e.g. Green Climate Fund (link to draft project outline)
  5. ethics/value systems innovation: Global Citizenship Ethics
  6. resource mobilization innovation:
  7. gamification – communications innovation:
  8. physical infrastructure innovation: We the Peoples Center / Global Climate Action Center in New York City – blockchain based crowdfunded real estate (envisaged partners: The Assemblage and Y2X asset digitization and trading experts