COP28 Digital Innovation Pavilion

About the Digital innovation Pavilion

The COP28 Digital Innovation Pavilion (DIP) is a space in which digital solution providers and the global climate action and climate governance community can meet and learn from one another in order to find pathways towards accelerated harnessing of the potentials of emerging technologies like blockchain technology, AI, IoT and other digital innovations for all-of-society climate action empowerment and implementation of the global climate action goals of the Paris Agreement.

The DIP is located in the Thematic Arena 3 of the COP28 Blue zone . The Pavilion of 50 square meters gives the opportunity to have up to 24 seated attendees. All events will be broadcasted on, and varying dedicated social media platforms of pavilion partners.

About the UN Climate Conference (COP)

The COP is the United Nations‘ Climate Change “Conference of the Parties” ( The COP is the world’s highest decision-making body on climate issues and meets annually to coordinate global climate action. The two-week annual event brings together Heads of State, climate experts, political leaders, young people, Indigenous Peoples and civil society to collaborate on the crucial challenge of climate change.

The 28th session of the COP (COP28) will be held at Expo City, Dubai, from the 30th November 2023 –12th December 2023.

The event is split into two zones, the Blue Zone and the Green Zone. The Blue Zone is a UNFCCC managed site, open to accredited party and observer delegates. The Green Zone is managed by the UAE Government and is a platform for the general public.

The Blue Zone hosts the formal negotiations across the two weeks of the event, as well as the World Climate Action Summit, the country pavilions, presidency events and hundreds of side events, including panel discussions, round tables, and cultural events.

Attended by:
• Parties (Heads of State, Ministers, Negotiators)
• Observers (NGOs, IGOs, UN Agencies)
• Media
• World Leaders

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